Add/export control of biometric device

Authenticate steps 2 to 4 with one login (Passwordless Login)

Blocking unauthorized internal and external access

Authorize and retrieve authentication system-linked users to enter and exit

Biometric Sync Middleware

Access can be controlled by specific visitors, location, and time zone

Authenticate steps 2 to 4 with one login (Passwordless Login)

Monitoring the status of entrances, zones, terminals, etc

Interworking existing user information and managing biometric information and terminal registration

Access control of branches and branches can be managed remotely

Integrated Biometric Cloud Services

Log in to your work system

Integrated management

Automatic locking

Real-time security monitoring

Integrated Access Control System


Performance Optimization
Quickly and accurately analyze a large variety of information

Easy scalability
Easily expand storage and ensure data stability

Performance Optimization
With excellent technology development based on Open Source, performance is Up! Price is Down!

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Real-time monitoring of system resources

Big Data visualization capabilities

Big Data Structured / Unstructured Analysis

AI predictive analysis capabilities


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